Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Life is what YOU make of it...

A friend of mine who has been staying on the streets of Sea Point for the past 30 years once told me that the biggest cause of death is the choices we make in life...Johannes' words never leave my mind. And as my mother once put it to me- You can either see yourself as a victim when other people do you wrong or you can look at what role you played that lead to the way you feel. Take resposibility for your part, act on it and move on. And ideally never ever look back.

More than once in life, you form bonds that become very hard to break. Nonetheless the time will come when you will be faced with tough choices to make. When you must know that despite all of your life's plans and ideas on how it should be, it is only God who has the ultimate purpose of each one of us.
 If ever bad choices are fatal then my guardian angels have been putting in extra time for me. The real test comes from accepting failures and learning from them. Making the same mistake more than onces and realising that each time there is a new lesson from that mistake. Yes, when you forgive others, forgive yourself too or you will never heal.

I once read somewhere that "In life you will be there for other people when they need you, but you will find yourself alone when in need". I was not shocked when my turn came... Instead I woke up when I couldn't sleep anymore. I put both my feet on the floor, then the right leg went infront of the left leg and my left leg overtook the right by going ahead. Before I knew it I was standing infront of the mirror. I had made a step!!! Then I whisphered something I repeated all day to myself..."I AM NOT A VICTIM"!
By the end of the day I laughed not because I had to, but because I could still laught..."I AM A WINNER" became my new slogan.

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