Thursday, 12 April 2012

Spreading my wings a little

“Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?” I fell in love with Spanish artist Frida Kahlo’s words the first time I heard them sometime in the 90s.

Today I grew wings- albeit not literally- and got to fly all over the scenic Cape Town atlantic sea board- for a whole 15 minutes! It’s true what they say about this town- you haven’t really seen anything until get a bird’s view of it. The experience was more than what was promised by Braam Botha at Reliable Helicopter Tours, much more than I bargained for before starting my day at work. On beautiful autumn it’s all the inspiration any girl need to start a good day fuelled with adrenaline.

Up close, the grounded four-seater chopper looked to me like a gigantic remote controlled toy- all the more fun the experience on board for an unobstructed and intimate view of the Robben Island, the Table Mountains and of the city. The first time I flew a commercial passenger airline my dad asked what it felt like being on air- I explained to him that for me it really felt like riding only it travels on air and gets to the destination faster. In those passenger airlines everyone has one thing in mind- getting to their destination safe and quickly.

Not only did today leave me feeling like I have wings, the whole day flew by too as the only thing I could think about was the images of how wonderful everything appeared when your starring down from the air. For someone who started yesterday on the wrong foot- it certainly does helps to fly.

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