Friday, 6 December 2013

Tata Madiba had an established friendship with Balobedu people, we loved him too

I am one person who will never get tired or irritated by the tributes pouring out for Tata Nelson Mandela one the internets sites and all over our media. In fact the more tributes I see about him the better my heart feels.

I was sadden by some social network postings who have been moaning that enough already. My advice to those who complain that they've had it, has been  to kindly stay away from social media especially for the next week or forever hold their peace. This man meant so much to many people and was widely loved. We want to share our memories and pay homage to him with being patronized by selfish people.

Three times I was lucky to be in our first democratic and black South African president Tata Madiba. Although you didn't need to be in his presence to truly comprehend why Tata was a fitting permanent prefix for his name.
He had this amazing ability of reaching out to different groups within South Africa and make everyone feel special.

I will never forget his first visit to Modjadji Head Kraal in 1994, I was a girl of 8 and to this day I remember how we stood in the rain to catch a glimpse of him. Rain was indeed a fitting welcome to a monarchy that is associated with mystical rain making powers.

On his later visits among other gifts he honoured the Queen Modjadji with he also promised to build a school. Today Mandela Barloworld build to model Robben Island is standing as our pride and joy.

I  was a kid when he visited our village but I still remember the laughter as he attempted to speak our dialect, he said " Balobedu khekhukhuni khe bonwa nkhe bataladi". How can anyone not want to share in this giant's life and love for it. Through his friendship with the Rain Queen Mandela managed to win the whole community in his confidence. Finally at peace and joining his friends in heave like Queen Modjadji who passed away in 2004 Madiba will forever live in our hearts.  Tata the Balobedu nation loved you.

Robala ka khutso

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