Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Rediscovering, restoring and rebuilding

Never hold onto a single dream as if it is the only thing that will bring you happiness. This line of thought came to me towards the end on 2013 and stayed with me to the first few days of 2014. I feel like if someone could have given me this advise, I would be thanking them and crediting them for giving me a fresh perspective of dreams and life. In life some lessons you learn all on your own, ideas come and go, dreams change etc. It all sounds like a long lesson in philosophy until you find yourself going through certain changes you didn't plan for.
Pen or mic?

March the 10th I celebrated a one month anniversary in the town of Phalaborwa, in Namakgale township. In so many ways this is unlike me and Phalaborwa was never on the list of the places I thought I would be. I dug deep to find my sense of wonder and adventure, armed with this Phalaborwa has been like a second home.

My story in Phalaborwa is the incarnation of the rebirth of the Eagle's legend. It wasn't easy but it was very much necessary. 

In this mining town that  I have rediscovered my love for radio, my passion for working on human interest stories, being involved in community projects and getting inspired by the simplicity of the life of everyday people. My initial vain worry of how I would cope in the tropical heat was totally eclipsed by my sense of wonder and fulfillment that comes with working with a young team of producers, presenters and journalists.
Coach from Nthabiseng Special Needs School with the marula products produced by students.

Apart from the rediscovery of how liberating rainbows and microphones can be, I got a first hand experience of the Ba-Phalaborwa pride. This was evident when during the Marula Festival which was in its 9th year this year. All things local and authentic we exhibited to the delight of tourists and first time visitors such as myself.
We made it in the local paper!

They say it seldom rains in these parts. This years its been raining a lot and for locals a first in as many years. I would like to believe that it has something to do with me because I know from experience that each an every big change for me is preceded by some form of a dramatic twist. 
In studio with Director of Palabora Foundation, Mr Malesela Letsoalo 
With Tsakani Shilubani host of the Business Hour

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