Monday, 24 March 2014

Untitled for dejected adonis by Lynette Ndabambi

A few words of honesty from my dear friend Lynette Ndabambi that made my heart pause. It just sums up a complicated man and makes him human. I asked her what title would she give it and her response was " shoooo! I never thought that far". Lyn and I are guilty of over thinking situations and being too analytical sometimes, but I realised that the best decisions we've made so are ones where we never had to spend sleepless night wrecking our brains. 

This poem Lynette wrote is Untitled, inspired by the dejected adonis.

 He is the light, rays and sunshine
 He planted his lips firmly on my cheeks, on my face and the other cheek

 Hands hardened, fingers broken by pulling too many heartstrings and never waiting to hear the sad sound they  make
 The twinkle in his eyes, slowly fading ,slowly disappearing
 They say he spread himself too thin, too far to quench his need to belong
 He went where lust guised as love led him
 He was left by the side of the road, unfulfilled and empty. The sun had set.

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