Saturday, 14 June 2014

Letter To Myself

Sometimes the kind of encouragement one needs lies within oneself.

The following came from me while I was looking for something else inside of me.

Keep doing, Keep going
Chances won't come looking for you
Your words are falling on deaf ears
The world isn't looking for you because you are invisible
This hasn't discouraged you
It didn't stop you from achieving what no one else thought you could
One this road often traveled you discovered new paths
People have wondered how you did it
How you continue to do it
How you arrived this far without a helping hand
Its a secret only the gods can know
You only know this
Life is for the living
Not once did you become something you don't know
You are you
You are all you know how to be
Keep going the way you started
Keep doing until it is done
You see eyes sometimes turning to you
Sometimes they ask you what is next
You only know what you are looking at
The journey ahead of you
Now their words fall on deaf ears
You are not directed by what sounds good
Keep going your way
Your mind is the compass that gives your direction
In your heart you have already seen your destination
Keep doing what everyone deems impossible
Doors open that you never dreamed of
You've overcome battles you never saw yourself winning
You tried, you dared and you triumphed
Yes you have fallen, you have failed and you have lost
Yet you rose to win and reign victorious
You have walked your hell to reach your heaven
Keep going
You are almost at the end of your journey
But nights are darkest just before dawn
Keep going
Push yourself a little further each day
Keep doing even when you think you cannot take anymore
You made it this far
Never mind the stage build around you
Be blind to eyes the seek you out with wonder
Your life is not a performance
Keep going, keep doing
Your destiny awaits you

1 comment:

  1. Our destiny is always with us, the destiny lives in the moment. Just walking through doors without hesitation will get us closer to our destination; as long as we don’t find ourselves stuck in maize – going in circles.