Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Reckless feminist and her friend take on Durban

A wiseman once declared that not all those who wonder are lost. I was reminded of this recently when I told friends and family that I was thinking of going to Durban for a visit.

Shirley dreaming of what lies ahead

Hello Moses Mabidha Stadium

One lazy Sunday I picked up a travel brochure on special offers to destinations across South Africa. When my eyes fell on KwaZulu Natal a strong desire to feel the fresh Indian Ocean breeze brush against my skin swelled within me.  I had to wander off and experience the promise of fresh oceanic air and feel the sand between my toes. I expressed my desires to a friend in Durban who immediately undertook to helping me experience my heaven on earth.

Shirley loved the sand

Feeling the sand between my toes

The fresh oceanic breeze brush against my skin

Sun rise in Durban on our first morning

Everyone was worried on my behalf. Did I know what I was doing? Who will I be traveling with? And did I know anyone in Durban? What if I got stranded? All of these  things  didn't bother me. I had been down this road many times in my life. I have since come to accept that a mother will  always worry each time one of their child bid the goodbye.

 I am a wanderer who is not lost, just like JRR Tolkein said in the Fellowship of the Ring.I reach my destination and I find my way back home after every travel.

To make the trip to Ethekwini even more memorable I convinced Shirley my less travelled fun loving colleague to come with me. They say two is company. Together we decided to make this  a fun outing with maximum impact. At one point a male  colleague worried by the thought of two fully grown up women traveling together bestowed the titled of an impulsive reckless feminist upon me, in what mark the first time I took an insult as a compliment.

Girls just want to have fun

Letting friends know how she is doing

When we arrived in Durban, the genuine delight in my friend's eyes when she saw the ocean live for the first time warmed my heart. Here we relaxed and busking under the sun by the coastal town of Umhlanga to rid ourselves of the tensions we packed all year long at work. I appreciated my travel companion's fresh excitement over the little things that most well traveled people usually take for granted.

I kissed a fish and I liked it!

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